• Cartoon Defense Free Review : sucks

    Cartoon Defense Free Review : sucks

    the game starts to suck, how to have it, do not give too much at once, and you have enough money to start building things up. The English translation is really bad.

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  • Spaghetti Marshmallows Review : Interesting Spin

    Spaghetti Marshmallows Review : Interesting Spin

    Interesting turn on building blocks of the concept. I get my food with no mess and no clean play. Kid-friendly, parent-approved. It’s really nice, things break down … or “walk” around the building because of instability.

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  • X Construction Review : If you liked Spaghetti and Marshmallows…

    X Construction Review : If you liked Spaghetti and Marshmallows...

    It’s a little building “serious” app as spaghetti and marshmallows. Here you can create, test and build again for the structural failures that lead to compensate annoying screaming train wreck. It is wonderful for the detection of technical bases for a young audience and keep it for a quick attack to entertain bored. To save your bridges when you finish the game, so if you have a break, your work will continue.

    Tend to the young players that I have shown to respond most enthusiastically to the results of poor construction, but you will notice that the voltage at the moment of truth approaches, and the train rumbles to feel the critical point – is keep it, or it will fail? And because the surface loops under the weight, you can see the disappointment and determination to build a better, to take account of the failure – or hold collective sigh of relief on the deck.

    If I had a particularly subtle design falls apart by small oversights can see, I present to you Henry Petroski conference on engineering failures in the background – for readers who did not address the analysis of failure of the bridge is a building game little fun. And for the rest of us is a lesson in engineering chair.

    (Samsung Epic 4G)

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  • Fortunes of War Review : Dominion style game

    Fortunes of War Review : Dominion style game

    Very good style building Dominion game console You start with a small card game, and how you play, you can adjust your game by adding new cards to your deck.I wish the campaign was over, however. I hope we have more secure with content quickly.

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  • Jefit Review : Amazing app

    Jefit Review : Amazing app

    All I was looking for and then some. The app allows you to search by the isolated muscle, the equipment involved, etc. If you do weights and plug in a weight bench and only exercise equipment that you have to do. It even has several exercises that are nothing but your body needs. Download the pack and optional animations you’ll see the exercises demonstrated. Monitoring graphs show the evolution of a button. This app has replaced my old laptop is the only thing this program lacks a strong cardio … But for the bodybuilder to maximize his / her benefits, even if building muscle mass of the building and set this app has it all. Congratulations to the authors. Can it still be free

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