• Space War HD Review : Blast away, my friends

    Space War HD Review : Blast away, my friends

    Space War is a worthy variation on the old “Asteroids” theme and, at least when using a stylus on a tablet (XOOM, Honeycomb) space rocks and shoot at enemy ships, missiles and avoids be careful not to confuse the mines to play updates of pure joy. The graphics are superb – I have no problem calling and HD voice and background music are very in tune with the overall “retro” style of play


    It’s as simple as they come. You touch the screen (track ball is apparently supported) and your spaceship, where she says with a finger or the pen tip to do. When you play with the stylus, the tip of his pen on half an inch behind your boat, so as not to obstruct the view. On a game board responds quickly and precisely to my orders. Gameplay may be different on a smaller screen. Yes, your ship moves a little rough (not smooth), but anyone who played the arcade game back in the 80s (I) should be familiar with the behavior. And remember, it’s a “retro” game on purpose.

    Your ship fires constantly, so you do not need to worry about it too, and you can update as rapid fire, double guns, the fire from spreading, plate, X-ray burst, health and so receive. Do not fight and shooting at anything that looks dangerous or unfriendly (large stones) and get upgrades and continue to do until you die. Then write your “score of salvation.” Of course, things start slowly and easily, and they are faster and more complex.

    There are three difficulty levels, two partitions, or “stupid” and you can pause the game at any time.

    Anyone with the “rights”, you grant involving the game, it is as clean as they come. The only thing it seems necessary to take control of “vibrations” is if you do not see ads while you play, and unlike other, more popular games is not there to spy on you.


    This is one of the few “one dollar” or “free” games that I love the game. I can not say I’m going to play every day because I did not but I’m glad he was there as an option in something “you do when you are totally bored and have nothing to do as you wait your turn at the dentist “box. And I’m sure that because of its simplicity, it will become one of our eight years. old favorites.

    The star of “I love it,” I do is rare that I rate 5 stars and a dollar a 5 star app.

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  • Space War HD Review : simple but fun

    Space War HD Review : simple but fun

    The graphics are OK. Not HD but ive seen much worse. Petty to play cut and dry. Simply slide your finger across the screen to the ship to move the car fire. it is a good game pick up and play. ill definitely keep it. many different enemy ships and even reached a boss ship before I blew the air. could use a little more types of power-ups to use.

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  • Sinister Planet Review : Needs improvement

    Sinister Planet Review : Needs improvement

    The game has great potential but needs some refining. Unlike other critics, I think the controls are great on DroidX. However, enemy ships are too small and in the battle mode (no arcade), why on earth we can not track updates or to save your progress?

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