The Moon Secrets Review : A narrated lullaby (4-6 yr. old kids)

Probably best for 4-6 years. Olds, but to my surprise, our 8 years. Former appreciated, probably for a reason other than that provided.

The story will be read by a narrator says of backgrounds with animated objects that can interact with the child’s bunk. There is nothing super original and there is not much interaction on dozens of screens, but … in the words of my daughter, “pretty”. It takes about 10 minutes.

Our daughter went through twice, perhaps because the story in English or Spanish, and they wanted to see how it sounded in Spanish. She loved both versions, and she was very proud of the opportunity to identify a few words in Spanish as “magic”.

Finally … It’s pretty good for a free estimate. Most children will not go through the story more than once, but then they should have a good time. Get it especially if you have a 4-6 year. old.

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