• Pop Goes The Bubble Review : Bubble Popping Fun

    Pop Goes The Bubble Review : Bubble Popping Fun

    I appreciate that bursting bubbles. I was always hoping that I could take the excitement with me everywhere I go. With this application, my dreams were answered. I have no more than a sheet of bubble wrap on the train with me! The bubble popping action is very realistic and the physics of the bubbles are always perfect. Good job.

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  • Symphony of Eternity Review : Fun Game!

    Symphony of Eternity Review : Fun Game!

    Those who are fans of the classic role-playing will enjoy this game the old-school RPG, it reminds me the most is Chrono Trigger. It is of course a well-designed game, and in any event, the $ 2.99.

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  • Wrath Review : fun

    Wrath Review : fun

    very retro and fun. you back the good old days of video games very easy. value of 99 cents (but no more).

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  • Truth Or Dare Crazy Party Fun Review : Do you like ads?

    Truth Or Dare Crazy Party Fun Review : Do you like ads?

    The chances of your answer is “no.” If you answered the other way, you can love this app its got a huge announcement whenever youbopen, two more on the title screen, and another for you while you play! Oh, and this kind of gaming experience you have. No choice truth or dare, Truth or Dare is the lame even in the same order every time, no sound, no options, nothing. It is obvious that more time was spent trying to figure out how to pack past ads as much as possible on developing the game itself. If you have a good or at least the truth or dare decent Thurs want to check the bird Mango (on Amazon and market) or MLT (the market). Leave the vehicle overloaded patheticly ad alone.

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  • Flick Kick Football Review : Crashes

    Flick Kick Football Review : Crashes

    Fun and addictive, but hung on my EVO 3D application and I need to delete the data base for this to work properly again. App does not even fill the entire screen.

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  • Victory Day Review : Fun game with some control issues

    Victory Day Review : Fun game with some control issues

    It’s a game quite fun to play. It reminds me of Double Dragon on NES. You are a Russian soldier in a game-scrolling action takes place during World War II. You must fight and defeat the Nazi soldiers to achieve your goal. You start the game poorly equipped (as with the real Russian soldiers during the Second World War). From there you will find a handgun, machine guns and other weapons to fight the Nazi aggressors. All in all a very fun game with sharp graphics that distinguish it ahead of most other games Android.

    However, there are some problems with control that make the game frustrating to play. The biggest problem I have is that “stick” the keys from time to time. Use the directional control buttons that makes your character on one side of the screen or the other, do not run a big deal. However, if the fire button stuck fast you empty your ammo. Dreams there is no ammunition lying around a lot, so you must be careful with him. If the button sticks, and you are all the waste leaving you with nothing but a hammer and your mind. This is extremely frustrating.

    Apart from that, it’s a very good game and I would like someone who had the patience and like a hammer is recommended.

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  • Okey Review : Fun game, but…

    Okey Review : Fun game, but...

    I love this game, but it is not enough space on the screen of my phone, or tablets. The iPod version is better because it is not zoomed in as much that makes more room for the tile. Version Android Market is the same … not enough space.

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  • Blast Monkeys Review : Fun!

    Blast Monkeys Review : Fun!

    A game very fun and challenging! I am very curious on several levels in the updates! My six year old that he enjoys as well.

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  • Coin Pirates Review : Fun until level 15

    Coin Pirates Review : Fun until level 15

    Lots of action and gains to make this game interesting at first, and then simply pump money and look at the pages fall treasures. Very little button or action of the skull to come. I think they want you to buy more coins on its website. Just too boring to higher levels.

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  • Bubble Buster Review : Love this app brah

    Bubble Buster Review : Love this app brah

    Fun ….. no problem with the DX2. Like the bubble game of old. Highly recommended app especially since it’s free.

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  • Bubble Buster Review : Fun but frustrating

    Bubble Buster Review : Fun but frustrating

    I love this game, but he does not shoot where you say, which can be frustrating. If Aming was fixed, it would be great.

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  • iDemolished Review : It’s more fun to blowup!

    iDemolished Review : It's more fun to blowup!

    Than to build. This requires little thought. I have not fully understood, but I am hopeful.

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  • iDemolished Review : fun

    iDemolished Review : fun

    It’s a fun game, I can not wait to get to the next level and see what I get somewhat destroy buildings!

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  • iDemolished Review : Demolition iCandy (with great community features)

    iDemolished Review : Demolition iCandy (with great community features)

    How angry birds, that the game tries to simulate structural damage, but the things that you can take your time and plan ahead to make strategically placed explosive charges and blow them up. If with Angry Birds, iDemolished is not as clear, dynamic or polished, but compared to the positive side, the game is not constantly spied on me once installed and ease developed levels are a source of endless challenges .


    iDemolished is stuck in portrait mode, but almost everything else can be customized. You can choose from three levels of rendering quality and enable or disable certain effects that are not mobile phones with Android 2.0 or lower.

    In addition, it is possible to zoom in and out of your building and have some control over the camera. The game can feel your orientation device and in certain circumstances, the result may be affected by tilting.


    You can use the explosives as good as anywhere in the structure and make any delay. After “boom” will, you can replay the event of demolition, please try again after making some changes or to the next level.,

    In edit mode, you can create your own levels and you have many choices, too many to mention them all, from the type of radiation (bamboo, concrete, wood, etc.) to allow the type of explosives and even position of the so-


    There are three levels of difficulty and when you “level in” do you want more and more difficult the progress of tasks. As you move to higher levels of buildings are more difficult to destroy, but you have to spend more money for explosives and an ever wider range of explosives.

    You can create your own level, save and share.

    You have to investigate the possibility to download and play levels created by the examination of other players, it, mark it as a “favorite” and save it. The search criteria are the newest, best loved, and random feature.

    Fun Factor

    If you can iDemolish Angry Birds love that you love. The destruction is intentional (strategy) and, depending how good you are and what you can pretty much blow your labor to produce spectacular results. I love that you share your work with the “community” because it is an incentive to produce new levels of quality.

    I would say the game is the plane that phase of education. It’s fun, but if you did everything and understand what is possible, you can have more fun building your own. Now you can have fun at any time by downloading levels online.


    On my shelf XOOM the presentation is good, but the graphics could have been much better. Commands and options are good, while the method of demolition and the method of level design allows for great flexibility. The ability to share your own levels and download other players designs adds a star on my rating and the changes that have a “right” to play a “good” match. Another plus of the game is not demanding unreasonable levels of access.

    To conclude my comparison with the birds are angry iDemolition the graphics are not as sharp and gameplay is not as dynamic. On the bright side … almost everything else: more strategy, more ways to share user developed levels.

    It’s not a perfect game – The menu navigation can be confusing and it can be improved and the method of construction level, a user friendly little – but the version I test is a “good” game and with some more work, it has the potential to be a great match.

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  • Contract Killer Review : Fun for about 3 missions

    Contract Killer Review : Fun for about 3 missions

    This game, like almost all other “app” game means that you buy things. For the best weapons, the more money and the best advice you have to buy credits for real money or by completing online offers. While it’s fun the first time you play, it loses this ability after about 10 minutes.

    Almost all missions are the same. The only thing that changes, health and the number of opponents increased. In addition, the levels are the same! You and your enemies do not have the ability to move, and with the target shooting is a pain in the face of it does not support multi-touch.

    If it is a free application, it is not worth the time to accommodate the additional content that 200 MB is required to play is to download.

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  • Farm Frenzy Review : Permissions fixed

    Farm Frenzy Review : Permissions fixed

    The latest update seems to have alleviated the problem of excessive permissions. Fun, and I’m glad they took the time to the permissions so quickly to correct the problem.

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  • Stellar Escape Review : Run Forrest, run!!! (with optional OpenFeint)

    Stellar Escape Review : Run Forrest, run!!! (with optional OpenFeint)

    The story is not much: They run for your life and you Keep Yourself Alive by jumping on the diving or sliding in between the obstacles (right) or swinging on poles, pipes or jumping (left button ). Every time you make a mistake and tell you three zapped zaps ‘Game Over’.

    On a plate – they play on a XOOM – this is one of the best games. Did not try it on the phone, but I expect to play hard because he’s played in portrait mode and the lower half of the screen is reserved for control and status indication.

    Fun gameplay and (8.5)

    This is not a strategy game. The better your reflexes, you can do better. If you are your reflexes are not so good, you can still master of the plain, finally, because the order of the obstacles is always the same, so you can remember the correct sequence of actions (taking notes if you must) and I feel like a world champion.

    There are 15 levels and a mode very difficult. To unlock the next level, if you survive to the present.

    During installation, you can arrange an optional link OpenFeint. If you can compare your results with others and Stellar Escape to add your other achievements. OpenFeint still seems a little buggy on Android to be – and many more mistakes ‘script’, but this is not the fault of game makers.

    Is it fun to Android scale 1 to 10 of this game an 8 +.

    CONTROLS (10)

    Again on a plate, makes the game “feel” good use. She could not play this game the same way on a console or PC. On XOOM, the answer is to touch the keys immediately. After a few minutes of play, the controls become second nature.

    Your configuration options are valid and the vibration on / off.

    Graphics and Sound (9)

    Nothing exceptional about the cartoon graphics, but they are sharp and the game is not as fast as you can scroll noticed, besides the many obstacles anyway. I think they are enough to win the game.


    I have fun with this game At first I thought that the possibility for a “simple” mode is a good idea, but after the game for a while, I can see why this is not really necessary. You can teach any level playthrough after a year, and you impress a while so your quick reflexes.

    The game is fun and it also plays a tablet. Again, it can not be much fun on a small screen. This is a 5 star for me.

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  • Fruit Ninja Free Review : Fun

    Fruit Ninja Free Review : Fun

    Mindless fun! The graphics are nice, very receptive to “cut” with your fingers. Nice sound effects. Usually play this game when I wait in the car with her husband and child. Disable Wi-Fi, no ads:).

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  • Ghost Wars Pro Review : Fun game…challenging.

    Ghost Wars Pro Review : Fun game...challenging.

    It’s a fun game that more people should give it a chance. The game gets quite difficult after round 10 or more. It would be nice if there was an option to save unnecessary upgrades or new series, so you can change the options for upgrades.

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  • Treasures of Montezuma 2 Review : Fun game.

    Treasures of Montezuma 2 Review : Fun game.

    This gem is a game of matching. Superb graphics and sound effects. To play the game of performance. For those who Novel Pandigital, it works fine on the 7 “screen. Works great on my Android phone.

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