DEMO Beach Poker Fantasy Review : It's 5 card draw

Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2
Viewsonic gtablet, Calkulin Clemsyn + 1.5GHz Combo Froyo V6

If you wait, have a game of Texas Hold’em Poker Manga strip with graphics, you’re out of luck. Beach Poker Fantasy is the opposite of strip poker – girls in bikinis and they start to win by their clothes on their backs. Uh, yeah, ok. The graphics are well done, and the title screen music is a beautiful beach. No music and minimal sound effects during the game, unfortunately. No help section, you must figure out how to play it on your own. Controls are generally very accommodating, with the exception of the choice of the card (s) you want to change. It was very hit and miss both of my devices. This demo version allows only a flash game to play against a girl, but it will be enough to give you an idea, you should get what you opt for the full version. Raptware want $ 2 now, and it might be useful if this type of game you will be pleased.

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