• GOTO Review : Beautiful!

    GOTO Review : Beautiful!

    This screen is really polished. It looks like it was designed for the phone. There are some problems: Sometimes there is an empty space where the bar would be notified when a PIN code for locking the home button does not use, and a music player would be nice.

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  • WiFi File Explorer PRO Review : Nice App, But Must Be Careful

    WiFi File Explorer PRO Review : Nice App, But Must Be Careful

    I used serveral different types of applications like this to transfer files between my computer and it works just as great as the others and is a very good software.

    If it has no negative, I would say it’s less obvious to divide stop when you are finished with it. Most other applications have a “stop” button in a one or the other does not. To stop the server, you must press the Return key when you leave the Home button to let it run in the background of your phone open to all familiar with the program to stop stealing your data when you access a public Wi- Fi or anywhere else near your home.

    With the default is no password, I can see how many users from accidentally pressing the Home button and leave their phones wide open. Peole simply not aware that they have to say big buttons, the “Stop” and “start”.

    Great app, but I would warn people to ensure that you exit the back button, so you do not leave the phone open to those who would steal your data and the developer, I would make a great stop button because most users are trained to provide applications with the Home key, which in this case, a security risk to leave. As such, this is why I give it 3 stars because everything is a phone can be left wide open for an attack with a bad normally.

    If all developers are on a path to exit an application, the agreement would not be a problem with me, but there are many developers to disable the back button to get users to use the key to leave the house, resulting in this case is the service.

    Not as many features or as simple as some other browser-based browsers, such as using Web Desktop LazyDroid or remotely (both stop and start buttons, because Android is info like how to out correctly varies), but OK I like it soft.

    My 2 cents. Feel free to comment, but Amazon has to answer me (false accusation that I am a station out of dev false, although I’ve never written an application in my life heard of Amazon is not easy frustrating) is prohibited. I can not comment back.

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  • The Art of War from SmarterComics (phone) Review : Fantastic

    The Art of War from SmarterComics (phone) Review : Fantastic

    This app has it all! Perfect to read start to finish, I love the features and how to save your place newzoom by clicking the Home button. SmarterComics stuff big thank you!

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  • Aldiko eBook Reader Review : Best e-book reader for Android!

    Aldiko eBook Reader Review : Best e-book reader for Android!

    Aldiko is the best e-book reader that I found for my Android phone. You can use any format epub book or download Feedbooks, Smashwords or other online sites like Project Gutenberg. Its ability to automatically save your bookmarks for my site a lot of time when I removed my phone number quickly. I can just click the Home button to lock my phone and on my way to be sure that I read again in the same place I left out. Enter Aldiko try. I do not think you will be disappointed.

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