• X-Men Review : Horrible

    X-Men Review : Horrible

    The screen controls do not work. I have no support for joystick Play Xperia. At 0.99, I decided to take a chance, despite the negative reviews. Big mistake! Do not do the same too!

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  • Symphony of Eternity Review : Solid game. Dialogue is a bit hokey.

    Symphony of Eternity Review : Solid game. Dialogue is a bit hokey.

    Played a bit to try it, and so far so good. The art of character has a certain sense of the Squaresoft fanfic, but the graphics are clean and well marked so no complaints. The controller is not bad, could be the digestion Maassen the developer to control a “stick around”, where you can drag media where, and a joystick and is used without a permanent place on the screen (did Square on for FF3 IOS). The ability to disable the joystick and use touch controls, such as Inotia is a big plus. Ngam \ n \ mechanics are all there, with the usual spells and special attacks to keep the feeling RPG classic. Keep a smaller car key battles always monotonous, and you can run and sneak up on monsters for preemptive attacks, so there is some degree of strategy involved. For our buyers hamster article, I’m sure I’ll fit the usual range of magical weapons, armor and items for sale or use, although I do not think I played enough to remove all the advanced systems modernization or improvement to find the equipment. \ n \ nThe only real drawback is the dialogue and how the story will be told what an RPG is kindof a big deal. The character dialogue feels a bit forced, and how it was not the best translation into English. History itself is classic RPG more dramatic meeting with your team with a princess whose kingdom was plunged recently, but I felt the main character spent more time reading of his colleagues on the golems, feelings and how he eats and not really connecting with the newcomer, he admitted so easily, the party without any apparent ulterior. This gives the game feel a little awkward, but not kill him either, which makes a strong four-star app, and it is a good deal for three dollars.

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  • X-Men Review : Can’t customize control

    X-Men Review : Can't customize control

    The game works well and is fun, but you can not customize the controls if you are a game of duck Xperia, because you can not use the joystick at all and are determined by the buttons on the screen.

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  • X-Men Review : not how an on screen joystick should work

    X-Men Review : not how an on screen joystick should work

    the joystick is on the screen in this game completely unplayable. classic game in ruins. Comtrol’d prefer. even if only on the screen. This was a great game. download 360 instead. It is a loss

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