• Drag’On Review : A fun challenge

    Drag'On Review : A fun challenge

    Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2
    Viewsonic gtablet, Calkulin Clemsyn + 1.5GHz Combo Froyo V6

    In a simple cartoon-style graphics Drag’on Done is a game for children and adults. It seemed good on both my phone and a tablet that can be hard to come by free titles. The gameplay and controls are simple to use, look and feel * very * similar to a certain set of games, angry bird flu have signs. The soundtrack of the game is well done, as the sound effects themselves. The challenge for Drag’on is pretty good. The first levels you may think, it’s too easy, but then hits you hard with difficulties. Do you work out how to get your little dragon from A to B, while all the cupcakes can be a real headache. Get all the cupcakes is not necessary, but the effect of your guests.

    On the performance side of things, the game worked great, even if my poem was a good deal slower than the tablet. I think it is loaded on the million and one things that I did, though. Somehow, I seemed to different results, getting exactly the same thing during the game to be able to do. If the level is high, it makes your previous path. I ran the Dragon in the manner and let him go. Miss the dragon is a small cake or pepper, and the level would be reset. Without changing anything, the little dragon not to miss the cupcake / pepper at this time. This bit of inconsistency is that the costs Drag’on a star.

    I hope you found this helpful, and if not, feel free to comments / questions left

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  • iDemolished Review : Simple yet satisfying

    iDemolished Review : Simple yet satisfying

    My new favorite time killer. The levels are fun, not frustration. The game is simple but attractive. There are no restrictions of time, so you can blow up structures at your leisure. With a level editor in the game, you’ll never be short of content. Only your own.

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  • Angry Birds Seasons Free Review : Still fun

    Angry Birds Seasons Free Review : Still fun

    But not as smooth as Rio. For those facing delays activate the flight mode when you open a level. Disappear after a few seconds of advertising, and the game is smooth again. Or … You pay for the full version. Works 4.0 to challenge the

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  • Break Blocks Review : not worth free

    Break Blocks Review : not worth free

    It requires Adobe Air adds pause between every level, full concentration, and controls have only your finger back. If you lift your finger to touch the palette disappears. The one with the ads between levels, you’ll want to do. Pretty horrible graphics, but otherwise the gameplay is worth the price ~

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  • Coin Pirates Review : Fun until level 15

    Coin Pirates Review : Fun until level 15

    Lots of action and gains to make this game interesting at first, and then simply pump money and look at the pages fall treasures. Very little button or action of the skull to come. I think they want you to buy more coins on its website. Just too boring to higher levels.

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  • Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips Review : Addictive

    Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips Review : Addictive

    Like any other airport Mania 2 has pretty much done my spare time. The constant quest to be perfect at all levels (I can still do the last level of the game).

    The game is very intuitive and can be learned very easily. It offers a deep (gender), the gameplay needed to get to those high scores. Teach the color of your door and hit a link in order to maximize your score is entertaining.

    Great game, and I look forward to the next level.

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  • iDemolished Review : fun

    iDemolished Review : fun

    It’s a fun game, I can not wait to get to the next level and see what I get somewhat destroy buildings!

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  • iDemolished Review : Demolition iCandy (with great community features)

    iDemolished Review : Demolition iCandy (with great community features)

    How angry birds, that the game tries to simulate structural damage, but the things that you can take your time and plan ahead to make strategically placed explosive charges and blow them up. If with Angry Birds, iDemolished is not as clear, dynamic or polished, but compared to the positive side, the game is not constantly spied on me once installed and ease developed levels are a source of endless challenges .


    iDemolished is stuck in portrait mode, but almost everything else can be customized. You can choose from three levels of rendering quality and enable or disable certain effects that are not mobile phones with Android 2.0 or lower.

    In addition, it is possible to zoom in and out of your building and have some control over the camera. The game can feel your orientation device and in certain circumstances, the result may be affected by tilting.


    You can use the explosives as good as anywhere in the structure and make any delay. After “boom” will, you can replay the event of demolition, please try again after making some changes or to the next level.,

    In edit mode, you can create your own levels and you have many choices, too many to mention them all, from the type of radiation (bamboo, concrete, wood, etc.) to allow the type of explosives and even position of the so-


    There are three levels of difficulty and when you “level in” do you want more and more difficult the progress of tasks. As you move to higher levels of buildings are more difficult to destroy, but you have to spend more money for explosives and an ever wider range of explosives.

    You can create your own level, save and share.

    You have to investigate the possibility to download and play levels created by the examination of other players, it, mark it as a “favorite” and save it. The search criteria are the newest, best loved, and random feature.

    Fun Factor

    If you can iDemolish Angry Birds love that you love. The destruction is intentional (strategy) and, depending how good you are and what you can pretty much blow your labor to produce spectacular results. I love that you share your work with the “community” because it is an incentive to produce new levels of quality.

    I would say the game is the plane that phase of education. It’s fun, but if you did everything and understand what is possible, you can have more fun building your own. Now you can have fun at any time by downloading levels online.


    On my shelf XOOM the presentation is good, but the graphics could have been much better. Commands and options are good, while the method of demolition and the method of level design allows for great flexibility. The ability to share your own levels and download other players designs adds a star on my rating and the changes that have a “right” to play a “good” match. Another plus of the game is not demanding unreasonable levels of access.

    To conclude my comparison with the birds are angry iDemolition the graphics are not as sharp and gameplay is not as dynamic. On the bright side … almost everything else: more strategy, more ways to share user developed levels.

    It’s not a perfect game – The menu navigation can be confusing and it can be improved and the method of construction level, a user friendly little – but the version I test is a “good” game and with some more work, it has the potential to be a great match.

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  • Swamp Defense Review : Another tower defense game

    Swamp Defense Review : Another tower defense game

    A set of more TD it would be nice if the app was good. But it lacks in many areas. First, no guidance, on the other hand, only one level of play – hard. TD games are better with the ability to play simple (or casual), normal, hard and extremely hard. There is a lack of game adaptation, explanation and maps … Card, at least, leaves much to be desired. This game is nothing compared, for example, Defense Grave. Unimpressive total. I had to try a step several times before the tower was made, clearly … they do not give this information must be in the game, you remember the brief explanation based on the character, not as descriptions of the tower. I finished the level with a little interest in methods to the next level.

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  • Swamp Defense Review : Not bad…

    Swamp Defense Review : Not bad...

    It is not a game turn bad defense … But they really need to add a few things.
    First a pause button! (Or maybe I can not find.)
    A second button “toggle” speed … no button pressed to start the game faster (also showing a 2X, 3X, etc., if enabled)

    I know how to keep the possibility of playing a level after beating … I am currently at 225 on Level 1 wave! I currious how vague it will go.

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  • Swamp Defense Review : Redneck Tower Defense

    Swamp Defense Review : Redneck Tower Defense

    This could be a game of tower defense decent, but it is still absent in many areas.

    There is no advice or explanation of what each unit or an upgrade, apart from a brief description of your characters if the “family” before pressing a link disrupted. Oh, it is the third option, which most people do not click at first.

    The graphics are mediocre at best, especially the effects of weapons. The flight leader was very hokey.

    With identifiable characters named these towers is a great idea, but it also means that there should be more back story. Who are these rednecks, why they are in the marsh, and where are these monsters look like?

    The biggest flaw with the game, the updates are far too expensive. It also appears that the level of monsters with no cash value, as with most games at TD scale. If it takes an entire level at 60 to collect enough money to make a single low level to the lower unit, you have made the game much too hard.

    If you are looking to spend 99 cents on a Tower Defense game, I Guns’n’Glory (a free app of the day old) recommend this. Grave or for Defence HD, while it is on sale.

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  • Fruit Ninja Free Review : it’s ok

    Fruit Ninja Free Review : it's ok

    fun, play 2-3 times, then everything is the same. not “level” you are trying to complete. just no-brain-pass-timer.

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  • AirAttack HD Part 1 Review : crashes before first level on original Droid

    AirAttack HD Part 1 Review : crashes before first level on original Droid

    like the promise of the game, but it crashes loading the first level. The menus and music seem ok just nothing to her. I’m sure the developers are wotking.

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  • Greedy Pigs FULL Review : Neat spin on tower defense

    Greedy Pigs FULL Review : Neat spin on tower defense

    Cartoon art beautiful. Finally a set of quality defense tower that will not only open fields for each level of your every move android.You tours you want. They are the same things by a certain number of turns of each level.

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  • Backgammon Free Review : OK App

    Backgammon Free Review : OK App

    Dice rolls.for AI to improve the difficulties. Are AI were all in my fifth of 20 roles are at level 3 are balanced

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  • Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame Review : Too easy

    Delicious - Emily's Taste of Fame Review : Too easy

    There is no distinction between easy and difficult. They’re all the same. The final level is the simplest, which is a bit odd. It’s fun, but I like a challenge.

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  • Godville Review : Lots of fun

    Godville Review : Lots of fun

    I am officially hooked. It does not take much effort, just a few minutes a day. My only complaint is that it takes so long, depending on level. I’m not too patient.

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  • Refraction Review : Well worth the time and money.

    Refraction Review : Well worth the time and money.

    For those who like puzzle games, it’s good for you. You must make an appointment or divide different color lazer beams at all level objectives. Starts easy is much more difficult because they go on. A wide variety.

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  • Kids Match’em Review : good memory game

    Kids Match'em Review : good memory game

    5 years, she likes that he can do at the expert level, just after one week levelpls just add more topics.

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  • Decibel-O-Meter Free Review : Works as expected

    Decibel-O-Meter Free Review : Works as expected

    In this comparison with a calibrated sound level meter. Only a few dB lower noise level. Significantly higher noise levels further. A good tool quick and dirty

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