• Cozi Family Organizer Review : My wife makes me use it.

    Cozi Family Organizer Review : My wife makes me use it.

    OK, it works on my work and travel schedule to synchronize everything in the life of a homeschooling family. My wife has her friend on the same schedule with their schedule. Us aware of all the events of medical appointments, field trips, schedule, work, etc.

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  • Med Helper Pro Review : Best medication tracker for Android platform.

    Med Helper Pro Review : Best medication tracker for Android platform.

    Note: I am using the prestigious MedsLog transferred to an iPhone, so many of my comments is to compare the features of both products. I am also on a series of regular medications as well as some random, so I interact with such a tool on a regular basis.

    I tried a number of different applications on the Android platform and I must say MedHelp (advertising the free version and paid Pro) to appear to be fully functional. However, it lacks some features I was accustomed to MedsLog.

    First, the basic function: medication list, and when you expect when you actually take them: works very well. Several other tools based on Android that I tried is the killing of your medications every day with real time (time vs. planned) a challenge.

    Med Helper also offers the opportunity to pursue things like medical appointments, etc. Med Helper also provides a number of different reporting tools, such as medication, which is then sent to the address you want. It can also be exported to Excel-based drugs in case of need to cut the data in any way.

    When he falls truly in the market access of new drugs. They have a two-step process: first you give the drugs themselves, and secondly, you must visit a different icon and add a recipe ** ** for drugs. Note that you do not actually enter the data limitation, but you saved in a “recipe” is. The remaining information is optional (eg, physician, prescription number, timing, dosage, etc.). Even if it’s something you take over temporarily, for example, Advil – Advil, you still have like a drug, then Advil for a “recipe”. As you do this second step, you can do with nothing else like it used to record the dose. It is a very tedious process, and honestly, I do not see no good reason. They should have access to all data the same tabs (calendar, mining, inventory, etc.), once you give the medication. That’s why I gave 4 stars.

    Planning: You can take a number of planned doses of medications, including daily (and specifying a time or time), weekly, “the day of the week” (for example, something you take only Monday ), etc.

    You can exchange information such as doctors, pharmacies and dates (strangely, the symbol time of the Pro version, I just downloaded is missing, but it seems that the free version, perhaps a correction bug to come). None of this interface with phone contacts and calendar entries, but as expected, it would be better if they did.

    The drug works much better memory function in this tool because it MedsLog (which would be an alarm only when it is integrated with the native calendar) a. It can also be much faster / easier to record a number of drugs at a time – you get a drug screen and regular just check each, while in MedsLog, you must select them individually, had to go to another screen, and touch “log” then go back and choose another.

    “Take the appropriate” drugs are not the standard dose, so you can manually change the “number of pills” on the ground, take the keyboard data entry have context, then “Add” (which should really “take” or something). This is heavier than it should be, but it is worth living.

    If you use the tool to track your stocks of a drug, you can set up alerts when you get below a certain amount. This is useful to remind you, if you need a renewal application.

    The tool also allows you to make a backup copy of your file, you can then copy them to a computer to do it.

    It would be nice if there was a dose per unit-box (200 mg, 5 cc), and a sort of description or even a way to assign a chart – MedsLog You can import an image of the particular drug. You can follow pastry if a pill, drop, or something else. I think this information should be on drugs against the rules tab tab (but then I think the two should be equal).

    Vital signs (eg blood pressure, asthma peak flow). MedsLog has fields that, when you enter your medicines. The same could be achieved by entering a note, but it’s not specific time bound. It would also be nice to be able to enter comments such as medication records “I loved the beginning because I missed the previous dose,” “for migraine, perhaps because I had the red wine? “.

    Capacity for more than one person (I think about it, the developers, this one) to continue. Useful if you run your own suit and medicines for your children. MedsLog present.

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