• Symphony of Eternity Review : Great throwback to 8-bit rpgs

    Symphony of Eternity Review : Great throwback to 8-bit rpgs

    Last night, I woke up at 2 am and pulled my cell phone, two hours from SoE later, I decided, after an accident fight against a boss. Well, I plunged headlong into it and deleted my party. Then I realized that there is no automatic backup … I realized that I had to do two hours and more. And then I realized that I wanted to play two hours, and this forced me to write this review. With this new wave of free applications and micro-transactions, to find something like that you can not just dismiss rare in the first drawback.

    If you liked 8-bit RPG and want to experience that in a more modern, this game is for you. A return to old great RPG, but with some modern elements in the interface and the game to really smooth things.

    Lightweight Disadvantages: I have no keyboard Droid and hard, and I can not control these worthless on the screen, I am more and swing my fingers back and forth trying to see what it says exactly the field text below. Also moving is a pain. There are three different control options, the only amazing feature, finally, the problem here is simply my lack of a physical keyboard.

    NO CAR = SAVE)

    The game was originally created for dialogue in Japanese and translations are rough, gets up to 99% of the dialogue number, but you’ll be rolling your eyes at some of the dialogue.

    Some ads in the battle screens have been some research on the Help menu to see what values ​​have been accurately represented and how they represent. (The bar of the speedometer and the break in my case).

    Slower: This game seems to give users a variety of ways to tune and optimize your character. You can reallocate skill points each time, subtraction and allocation to whatever areas you want. And unlike “Tome” (a way of assigning classes to inherit from your character, the skills they) mean, you can register any kind you prefer. Change the lead guy on a mage or golem from a position of power to provide for a guardian for the damage. Measuring the capacity is amazing.

    It was on sale for $ 3 for almost a month, and for that price I would recommend picking it up. You can select any location at any time (not safe during fights), so the possibility of playing two minutes without you and stop your progress is great. At full price, I would just suggest to people who are exactly the kind of game they know to buy them. Eight dollars is not just something to play, but if you know what you’re recording, it is a great mobile game. Remember to save your game often!

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  • Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro (ad free) Review : micro transactions… what?

    Lock 'n' Roll Pro (ad free) Review : micro transactions... what?

    I understand that this game is only a dollar, but it is not worh more. The rules are simple, but seems to mark arbitrary.and moreover, there are micro-transactions? I already bought the game Why the hell I am forced (they are not in their implementation of a gracious boutique cash) to buy “parts” for a game I already paid? This trend must stop.

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