• Wunderlist Review : Jacked App

    Wunderlist Review : Jacked App

    I read the description of all managers in the list, downloaded and tried the list of wonders and MLO, and wonders selected list as my list manager. It has a few more options and options a little more than the MLO. He has certainly more than I need, and now I read his will, they are a new major update of the publication are available. I have recommended to my daughter, the list is always good for everything.

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  • MyLifeOrganized Review : Best Task List…

    MyLifeOrganized Review : Best Task List...

    I have been using MLO for 3 weeks now. This is a great program for keeping track of my life. I tried many applications and return to it. I love how you can put in your inbox, some in broad terms and so on. I took off work. Now to say that I downloaded the Windows desktop, which I love. When I work on my PC, I can MLO office and the burden of many tasks and subtasks, as I like to open. First, when using I did not know the desktop version, so I signed up for the service MLO cloud. I was pretty excited. I was able to create jobs and secure it to the cloud. Then when I started I was in sync with the desktop in the cloud and then sync my phone. Unfortunately, it was not properly synchronized. I started all over again thinking it was something I did and now it does not sync right. I think it’s a flaw with the synchronization and cloud. I also tried to sync via Wi-Fi, and it seemed to work better. But I was still missing some of my tasks. I like software app as a whole and I absolutely love this app / program. Once the synchronization bugs I worry there are more than 5 stars. But if your just looking for an application for employment, which is that you should try. Thank you to the developers, keep the good work.

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