• Space War HD Review : Blast away, my friends

    Space War HD Review : Blast away, my friends

    Space War is a worthy variation on the old “Asteroids” theme and, at least when using a stylus on a tablet (XOOM, Honeycomb) space rocks and shoot at enemy ships, missiles and avoids be careful not to confuse the mines to play updates of pure joy. The graphics are superb – I have no problem calling and HD voice and background music are very in tune with the overall “retro” style of play


    It’s as simple as they come. You touch the screen (track ball is apparently supported) and your spaceship, where she says with a finger or the pen tip to do. When you play with the stylus, the tip of his pen on half an inch behind your boat, so as not to obstruct the view. On a game board responds quickly and precisely to my orders. Gameplay may be different on a smaller screen. Yes, your ship moves a little rough (not smooth), but anyone who played the arcade game back in the 80s (I) should be familiar with the behavior. And remember, it’s a “retro” game on purpose.

    Your ship fires constantly, so you do not need to worry about it too, and you can update as rapid fire, double guns, the fire from spreading, plate, X-ray burst, health and so receive. Do not fight and shooting at anything that looks dangerous or unfriendly (large stones) and get upgrades and continue to do until you die. Then write your “score of salvation.” Of course, things start slowly and easily, and they are faster and more complex.

    There are three difficulty levels, two partitions, or “stupid” and you can pause the game at any time.

    Anyone with the “rights”, you grant involving the game, it is as clean as they come. The only thing it seems necessary to take control of “vibrations” is if you do not see ads while you play, and unlike other, more popular games is not there to spy on you.


    This is one of the few “one dollar” or “free” games that I love the game. I can not say I’m going to play every day because I did not but I’m glad he was there as an option in something “you do when you are totally bored and have nothing to do as you wait your turn at the dentist “box. And I’m sure that because of its simplicity, it will become one of our eight years. old favorites.

    The star of “I love it,” I do is rare that I rate 5 stars and a dollar a 5 star app.

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  • Trainz Simulator THD Review : Works great on a G Tablet

    Trainz Simulator THD Review : Works great on a G Tablet

    Trainz Simulator works well installed on my Tablet G-TAB vegan. This is not a game but a simulator, so it is not easy and there are no points are scored. However, if you want you can find simulators that joy to use. I am really surprised and happy with the way all the controls are intuitive touch screen. Complete the tutorial provided three, you will learn most of the interface within a reasonable time.

    You can “Free Roam” or try one of the task-oriented scenarios. I think these scenarios are a lot of fun and challenge. By making your tasks, you need to see the signals and to be patient, while d Other trains rolling. The scenarios include the roads in many countries, the British, Australian Outback, the Black Forest and the United States. There are many diesel engines, a switch and a steam room.

    You can change the graphic quality of the product photos. Not the best but very good and the service is smooth. The sound effects are very good. The sounds, the overall welfare of the add operation of a train. Of course, with my tablet I listen through headphones to every detail of sound.

    I use and recommend a pen (Targus) for realistic car controls. Otherwise, the bones and meat are too large to identify accelerator and brakes. If you do not have a pen to operate the train DCC mode. It is easy to use with your finger. I recommend entering the DCC mode (mode miniature train) until you are familiar with the area anyway.

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  • SketchBook Mobile Review : The perfect sketch app!

    SketchBook Mobile Review : The perfect sketch app!

    The closest you will get on a mobile Photoshop! Its great for inking on the go. I recommend buying a pen for soft

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  • Colossal Cave Adventure Review : Awesome.You need a pen and paper note taking.

    Colossal Cave Adventure Review : Awesome.You need a pen and paper note taking.

    Turned this game on a friend of caving. He saw and had to Android. I love this game I was playing computer games for 23 years, but this is my first text-based game. It’s frustrating when you know what you want and can not find the right order, and something of the beauty of the game. Strong as a change in the current state of the game is recommended. Check the Atari game called Adventure. I think it is inspired by Cave Adventure.

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  • Baseball Score Keeper Review : Waste of money

    Baseball Score Keeper Review : Waste of money

    A pen and paper is about the same as with this app. Wish I could get my money back. Very deceiving.Would give zero stars if I could.

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  • DrawPro for Tablets Review : way to simple

    DrawPro for Tablets Review : way  to simple

    It moves quickly, but it really is not enough control options. for setting the pen to vary from actual drawing tool.

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  • SketchBook Mobile Express Review : Used on an Android tablet with OS 2.2 (froyo)

    SketchBook Mobile Express Review : Used on an Android tablet with OS 2.2 (froyo)

    Small, lightweight, installs and works like a charm. It works perfectly on my Tablet Android 2.2 version running on the operating system (OS). My tablet has a 9.7 inch capacitive screen and drawing with this program is a breeze. I am mainly used as a “squiggle” toys on my shelf. The interface is pretty simple. Most of my use is to select a color, select a brush (pen, pencil, airbrush, paintbrush) to change the attributes (size, opacity), and then drawing away. There are some other features that I tried (eg, layers, import a photo) to have, but I do not know where I want to use much more than just experimentation. I’m not as good an artist!

    Since I have a capacitive screen, I am with my finger, which is probably not the optimal design. I always think about an axis on a capacitive screen, functions as a drawing utensil is something with which I am most familiar. While searching Amazon for “capacitive screen stylus” You turn a series of tools such (eg a premium pen Nataal).

    It looks like a drawing tool first really good if you want a look at your drawing skills Android device.

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