• Danny the Jumping Dino Review : Not much to it…

    Danny the Jumping Dino Review : Not much to it...

    Not sure that this program should be. He plays like a 15 year old to learn computer programmers, how to use the tilt function on the phone. Do not waste your time.

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  • ZombieBooth Review : fun to mess with

    ZombieBooth Review : fun to mess with

    This app is pretty cool. I find it disappointing that when you share it shares only to another phone as a still image.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : crashes instantly

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : crashes instantly

    Well, I should have listened to the other reviews. accidents immediately (rooted gingerbread) on my second droid Hope an update will fix this problem. Legends of pocket, play 3D-graphics-intensive runs very well on my phone, so I do not understand what kind of graphics, this game is that it does not work on my phone.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : Won’t Open on Droid

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : Won't Open on Droid

    Sounds like a great game, but it will not open on my phone to 2.2.2 Droid. As another reviewer pointed out, it took forever to load down. I’m not complaining, it’s the first time an application or game Amazon does not work for me, and it had to happen somewhere. However, I present this as a “heads up” on the game

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  • SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    I have been using Lookout Mobile Security software for a long time. I had on my Blackberry Curve 8330 and he works on my Samsung 4G Epic from day one I got. I have a separate review on both my 4G and my Epic Lookout. I recently SeekDroid free on Amazon Appstore for Android (Two-Day weekend) discovered and decided to give it up to my arsenal. I must admit, I was only by the number of favorable reviews from customers led SeekDroid impressed. I thought, must have done something good SeekDroid! It turns out that it really is!

    Now let’s see what they have to offer both candidates and our how much it was for?

    Lookout is primarily a security software. It protects your phone against viruses, malware, spyware and phishing attempts. He is always on and it works silently and efficiently in the background. It scans each application that you download to your phone and alerts you immediately recognize something harmful should. It is a peace of mind. This is how it has primary responsibility for Lookout and it’s a job well done.
    However Lookout offers some useful extras: Find My phone service and backup and restore option. Both are very convenient for some, they are indispensable. If you consider that both services are free to all customers say with their Lite version, it is fair to offer Lookout is hard to beat.
    The “Find My Phone” / option missing device gives the user two options: you must first Lookoutout in your account and from there you can connect: Locate (“Pinpoint”), the unit on a map. Lookout remotely activate the GPS on your device with the use of triangulation of cellular signals, which will improve your chances of finding your phone missing. There are also user options The Scream, which cause your phone to vibrate and the sound of a set of very strong siren. It is worth mentioning here not to his viewpoint, when I put my phone in silent mode, which challenges the very end. I keep my phone in silent mode, if it does work … Lookout, I will contact the support team and see what they answer.
    Your backup service allows each user 2 GB free disk space. You can save your contacts, photos and call history. Thumbs up! Another thing that the two functions, scanning and saving are scheduled to run automatically. This is a unique added convenience.
    The premium version includes all the above, plus: Safe Browsing option to lock the phone remotely delete data from the phone. Premium comes with a 14 day trial, after which you decide to stay and pay or on foot! The premium is $ 30 annual fee. I can not prove their Safe Browsing feature, because I have not tried. But some technical sites gave positive feedback. I think a bigger mobile before, this feature is to deserve the attention it deserves. Browsing on your mobile phone is no different browser on your computer. Hopefully Google is these concerns that their Android mobile platform becomes more mature, less fragmented.

    SeekDroid covers some areas in their Lookout let elected Lite version naked. For a single payment of $ 0.99 you receive from remote locking and scanning options. It even offers research functions of the missing device. It also offers a nice feature, “hide” the application from your smartphone is invisible SeekDroid drawers. It SeekDroid be damaged by the “bad guys” and then help you track and find your valuable phone to uninstall. Very intelligent. Note that other applications you may have installed on your device, for example, App 2 SD, or List SeekDroid.

    Before I draw any conclusions, some commentators suggested that SeekDroid.com is not guaranteed! Well, from my own experience, open to both SeekDroid Lookout and secure web pages [“https”]. Another thing I want to address here, SeekDroid clearly says “requires Android 2.2 or higher” to be fully functional. If you have not read the description did not notice before buying or app, I do not think it’s fair to underestimate the soft or trying to put the blame on the developer. The window for 15 minutes again on Google be liable, not all developers.

    The Bottom Line:

    Both applications are essential. They complement each other competition, instead of against each other, is that in the eyes of the prospect of a client. For those of us who fly economy class, I recommend a combination of SeekDroid Lookout & Lite (with what your phone lock screen offers). However, if you can afford first class, then it goes 😉

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  • SeekDroid Review : I Spy

    SeekDroid Review : I Spy

    This should be a decent application, when the need to “track” your phone to replace concerns about “privacy” and giving operators control SeekDroid site unlimited on your cell phone or tablet-trough “system admin “-Account.


    SeekDroid is the most effective recovery of your phone (or your friend / child / spouse / intereset person) Android mobile tablet and displays them on a map and there are other functions, so let me list them all:

    – Track and locate a device, and the exact location via Google Maps (street view and satellite overlay)
    – You send an “alarm” with personalized content, which disrupt phone tracked or tablet, which can be run app.
    – Monitor call activity
    – To “hide” attempt to continue the application on the device (later)
    – Change the “lock” the password remotely
    – Remote Wipe “personal data (not tested by me)

    All SeekDroid above through the website are made as soon as you set up an account linked to the device to control. The process is simple – too simple – and, according to my tests, simple passwords are accepted – I’m all in lower case in the dictionary for the user ID and password.

    On your Android device on the side, provided that the installation process, an account SeekDroid “Device Management” privileges. Optionally, you can remotely wipe the “telephone” and its SD card from the website SeekDroid and retrieve the most recent calls.


    AFAIK, most of the features work as advertised. Equipment and phone calls are monitored, alarms pop almost immediately and the screen lock password can be changed remotely. I have not tried the “Wipe” feature.

    On the side of the device, the ability to limit who can do what SeekDroid have specified. Of course, no follow-up will only happen if you disable the Wi-Fi and GPS tracking device. I suspect that SeekDroid can potentially allow tracking back, but I did not see it happening.

    Site SeekDroid, once authenticated, you can continue the gadget handset, send alerts, lock and delete data, even try it “invisible”. Alarm sound, and almost immediately place the opportunity to continue the search will tell you whether it’s online when you try to follow him.


    Here are some of mine, from “high” to “low” order.

    – Install SeekDroid who runs allowed unrestricted access to sites SeekDroid your device. Any hacker or overzealous “authorities” during a fishing trip or maybe SeekDroid unhappy employees could take complete control over your machine and … not only see where you are or who you just mentioned, but in reality, wipe the device clean your data. If it “controls” are on the side SeekDroid, I have not seen any disclosure of the amount of risk.
    – Weak passwords easily result in a simple hack. As I mentioned, was a relatively short time password only lowercase gladly accepted. It’s scary, because even if SeekDroid user password encrypted passwords easily can be easily exposed once someone (a hacker or other unfriendly) puts his hand on the password file encrypted password. And we know what could follow: a massive wipeout.
    – I’m not sure what the policy on information SeekDroid tracked. The units are supervised at all times? The data are received (for how long?) And sold or made available to data miners?
    – Hide the app only works if you use Android “apps running tool. I see” no problem SeekDroid by third parties or memory manager app. And of course you can still see the account SeekDroid machine as the administrator and Since you are an administrator yourself, you can remove their privileges, and of course remove it. Not a big concern, but no one should have high expectations. Any reasonably advanced user can easily “find” SeekDroid and off.
    – It’s really easy to remove. See above.


    SeekDroid, making it so easy to track and monitor an Android device has the potential to compromise their safety. Not only data on the “use” is a site that I have gathered no reason to trust, but all data in danger of being destroyed and, from their plant SeekDroid “Device Manager” to your own phone mobile, there is a potential for data that changes, additional applications installed without knowledge of the owner, etc..

    I’ll give this app 2 stars (I do not like) and not a star, because most functions work as advertised.

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  • Color Flashlight Review : Works…

    Color Flashlight Review : Works...

    It only works as a flashlight. Show still stinks, but whatever … it works .. I will not spend money on a “torch” for my phone … So I can do a lot …

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  • Find the Suspect Review : does NOT work :(

    Find the Suspect Review : does NOT work :(

    I do not know exactly why, but this game does not work on the LG Vortex. remain constant reboot is not installed on my phone. not worth the headache.

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  • Asphalt HD Review : Great!, When it actually works…

    Asphalt HD Review : Great!, When it actually works...

    Gameloft Schneider to work in every game with every system. When I speak of a highly fragmented developers, this would be where I had to point to the finger. Think about it.

    I have about hell is asphalt, with 5 HD and customer service at Gameloft little help, either through incompetence or ignorance. This is one. Tell of what I experienced so far away with the game (s) and developer I leave a real review below these words of warning.

    Here is my story:

    Asphalt 5 HD was bought, borrowed, in fact, my cousin, my 4G myTouch and bought the game demo on the phone. When I discovered that I be notified ASAP Gameloft (that night, not even 24 hours. Later). She could not or would not reimburse me, which is understandable, so I was not excited. But the game is 6.99 wanted from the handset, which really struck me on the ear, because I had to buy it was, I had done from the site of Gameloft or market I like a direct method to re-download my applications better and have any other place was cheaper than the phone.

    A few months later I had to do a factory reset on my phone and ended up switching phones (MT4G MT4G to another). I wrote in support Gameloft and after a few weeks, a link was placed on the A5. It was not HD A5, which from the phone, just bought and A5 did not work with 4G myTouch. I told the CSR I was doing, he not having been lodged on the A5 HD MT4G, because even this version was released / bought it well and he sent me not charge. I mean, there were important differences as well – the Gameloft logo is now orange (old logo) logo on the silver, which was responsible for the version on my phone and not only that, but n ‘ was not to replace the version on my phone, but sitting next to her. It was not too high in the name. He said it was the version that was done with the MT4G he told me so go ahead and choose another game that works with asphalt myTouch 4G and HD I 6. After weeks of not hearing back (leave a message of April), I will send another e-mail in mid-May and got a response from the end of May, with a link to A6 HD. I installed it there and it worked – yay!.

    It is now August, and recently I updated gingerbread to MT4G. I did a factory reset of my device, both before and after the update. Since I have not bought the game on the market, Gameloft Amazon or it has no way to update your system files, apparently (although I’m not sure if it is usually) and so does more.

    What I mean is that these games are well on the systems they designed for the job. Each aspect is the hardware, software to buy if you are absolutely sure the game is on your machine by running as many comments as possible and emphasizing that each customer uses. For example, A5 and A6 HD HD worked for me on the MT4G with Android 2.2. A6 HD 2.3.4 stopped working on Android.

    -2 Stars of this mess.

    Actual exam:

    In short, this is a awesome game. Both 5 and 6 HD look very nice on the phone, and they both work very well if they did. I had no problem with these controls and the movement and the speed was at ease. The game is pretty addictive, as do so many things in it. Success in making money to buy cars, upgrades, etc., and all traces of challenging and fun.
    I had this game 5 stars if not for the fact that they are animated they will be installed on its way. Great game (s).

    I just want to say is that Gameloft games are quite impressive compared to mobile telephony standards. While I am reluctant to buy because of investing all of these things, I can not not recommend with a good heart to make great games. Also, remember that you do your research, about to make things that do not waste your money. I also recommend that you always buy the “markets”. Or Amazon, Google, Gameloft, because I think that’s how you get the game updated.

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  • Okey Review : Fun game, but…

    Okey Review : Fun game, but...

    I love this game, but it is not enough space on the screen of my phone, or tablets. The iPod version is better because it is not zoomed in as much that makes more room for the tile. Version Android Market is the same … not enough space.

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  • Classic Notes Review : Not Worth $1.99

    Classic Notes Review : Not Worth $1.99

    I spent more time with the free version before I decide to buy. I found a large deficit. Suppose you write the phone number of someone in the notebook, one would expect to be able to contact by phone and plug directly into the dialer-being. Nah not with this app.

    $ 1.99 is not much money, but this app is not worth it. The developer must focus on the essential before beginning the search for postal code and the album art to focus. Uninstalled.

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  • Livio Car Internet Radio Pro Review : needs work I can’t pause to answer the phone!!

    Livio Car Internet Radio Pro Review : needs work I can't pause to answer the phone!!

    The work must, I can not pause to answer the phone! I had to close the System Preferences application of force, this really sucks. My refund was granted, thank you Amazon.

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  • Pop Pop Popcorn Review : dumb.

    Pop Pop Popcorn Review : dumb.

    Not really worth downloading. Played the game for 30 seconds and was done with it. Its already uninstalled and not wasting space on my phone.

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  • Stellar Escape Review : Works fine

    Stellar Escape Review : Works fine

    If u have problems with this app, not your game on mobile. Get a new phone because it works on my epic.

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  • Fruit Ninja Free Review : Accesses your contacts

    Fruit Ninja Free Review : Accesses your contacts

    This app is like digging through your mobile phone and contacts. After I played it once, I saw it was sync my phone. I’m sure, grabbing his phone number and e-mail spam to people. Note that this software looks really fishy. Uninstall

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  • AirAttack HD Part 1 Review : great game. works best on a 7in tablet

    AirAttack HD Part 1 Review : great game. works best on a 7in tablet

    Got this for my Atrix. Runs great, no problems so far, but feels a little tight on my phone. Then I installed on my Coby mid7022 Cyrus and I can not play since. Definitely a 5 star hotel set on a plateau, 3.5 stars for a phone. Get the full version soon.

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  • AccuWeather Quick Review : kills your battery

    AccuWeather Quick Review : kills your battery

    I’m really disappointed that it uses about 98% of my battery and kill my new phone within 24 hours.

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  • New York Post Review : Too many ads & runs poorly

    New York Post Review : Too many ads & runs poorly

    Too many ads and malfunctioning on my Android phone. Do not bother downloading this application badly made. It’s not worth it, even if free

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  • Phone Locator PRO – MobiUcare Review : Paid app only good for a month! Get the free version

    Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare Review : Paid app only good for a month! Get the free version

    I downloaded and tried the free version of this and I thought it was good. So I wanted the features Pro again after getting the trial version 30 days is on … Well, I bought and installed the Pro version, and he told me that I have the full functionality of a month. You must be kidding … It is a nice application but I’m not sure of paying for every month! WARNING! Do not waste your money on another trial.

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  • North American Trees! Review : package error

    North American Trees! Review : package error

    I could really use this app. Unfortunately, it has a “package” error and will not be downloaded. My phone keeps trying, without success. No response from the Amazon. I’m happy just wasted $ 0.99.

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