• Real Blackjack Review : funny

    Real Blackjack Review : funny

    clear and vary Sem. Many free. big picture to make reading easier. r all the game options available. excellent work.

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  • Kids Match’em Review : Great Toddler Game

    Kids Match'em Review : Great Toddler Game

    My two and a half year old loves this game Nice picture and sound, a great challenge. We have not a single problem with it.

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  • Photo Enhance Pro Review : $5 vs. $500

    Photo Enhance Pro Review : $5 vs. $500

    For PPL complaining about the app does not fix your picture. If you spend $ 500 for Photoshop, and you can not fix your bad beat, you blame missing skills. Spend $ 5 for this app, and can not get what you want, blame the application. Go to the mirror and look at the real problem: it is itself, if you spent $ 5 and $ 500 want quality, you have to pack and hunt for China.

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  • CamScanner Free – Phone to Scanner Review : Doesn’t work g2

    CamScanner Free - Phone to Scanner Review : Doesn't work g2

    The straight lines everywhere, nothing to read. Really annoying. Tried a few different times. But this is only the “scan” is / take a picture that does not work. Do not bother with the rest.

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  • Camera Fun Pro Review : fun app!

    Camera Fun Pro Review : fun app!

    Fun application with 20 or filters. instead of a picture, then the filter, you can actually see the filter applied, while looking through the “viewfinder”.

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  • Camera Fun Pro Review : works well with HTC EVO

    Camera Fun Pro Review : works well with HTC EVO

    Nice option to have another photo app while you’re in the picture. I could not work the flash, but can my light and not app

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  • Camera ZOOM FX Review : Almost perfect!

    Camera ZOOM FX Review : Almost perfect!

    I love this app I use it a bit lately, and the picture quality is simply amazing. Zoom camera has replaced my stock FX camera sure.The only problem I found that it may be, slugish when opened. It can freeze up my phone for about 10 seconds to do, if I leave open and lock the phone. Running on EVO 4G

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  • Camera ZOOM FX Review : Huge Improvement over stock!

    Camera ZOOM FX Review : Huge Improvement over stock!

    I use this on the HTC Evo 3D. That’s incredible. Stability control. A ton of different effects to verify. User interface easy to use and elegant (much, much better in version 3.0). You can use a picture with the two front / rear facing camera. Voice operated recording, so the camera can only applaud and down, to take the picture. I tried others and this is by far the best!

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  • Text Picture (Ascii Art) Review : Simple and cute

    Text Picture (Ascii Art) Review : Simple and cute

    Is what he says. An easy way to send ASCII art. Several ways to send it. Many items to choose from classified. Love it! Evo 4G

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  • CamScanner Free – Phone to Scanner Review : bunch of lines on TMO G2

    CamScanner Free - Phone to Scanner Review : bunch of lines on TMO G2

    Once I took the picture, the image processor has the image in a few lines could not see the document at all, this app is the tmobile G2 bad enough! simply does not

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  • BillionGraves Review : Force closes

    BillionGraves Review : Force closes

    This would be a great app. Every time I take a picture, it stops and then closes force. Very good concept. Evo 4G

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  • ICD Crosswalk Review : Crosswalk

    ICD Crosswalk Review : Crosswalk

    It is a great app for the field of coding, but I thought it was you as E-codes in the picture! Still a great app.

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  • Photo Enhance Pro Review : Not really helpful…

    Photo Enhance Pro Review : Not really helpful...

    Maybe because my Samsung Epic do great pictures, but it does not really improve the picture. It does bring more shadow detail, but it makes the table look very incorrect and apparently worked. This app is very low settings. It is a black and white but decent. So is my camera …. Finally, at $ 4.99, this app will be majorly overpriced considering how little he does. Overall, I would not recommend this app.

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  • Painteresque Review : Fantastic App! I love Painteresque.

    Painteresque Review : Fantastic App! I love Painteresque.

    Painteresque is an application quick and easy to use program that takes an ordinary photo and make it as much as painting or even look like a colored pencil drawing complicated. Unlike many other pictures to painting applications, it does not cover the style of a particular artist (as Van Gogh and Warhol). Rather, it tends to filter and present visually interesting part of the picture – the changes in line and color, a composition that make them interesting. I found this works especially well on urban landscapes or interiors with many different colors and lines. Busy streets, ports, market places, interiors bookstores or libraries, these types of images seen through the lens Painteresque fantastic.

    Usage notes: I noticed that the software can alleviate dark images that look is not that clear to begin with and it transforms seemingly mundane “disposable” pictures in fresh and interesting compositions. I was surprised to see how some of my most boring of your photos appear suddenly very artistic and mentor, even if Painteresqued.

    Some images work better than others – it is very sensitive to subtle variations in color, fine details sometimes takes on things like skin and makes it a little pasty. In fact, I like the complexity of the effect, but can understand why there would be less ideal for close-up portraits or large patches of sky flat.

    When I tried the app, I ended up staying up all night with her – I could not stop! It is exciting to see how each picture will rotate. I recommend Painteresque!

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  • Car Locator Review : Did not work.

    Car Locator Review : Did not work.

    I turned it on when I parked my car. It is not found. I found the car and had an arrow with a view behind me again. The points were worse. just use your camera to take a picture of every character in your area instead.

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  • Random LOLcat Review : Not just cats!

    Random LOLcat Review : Not just cats!

    LOLcat random application adorable and hilarious that you can view funny pictures of cats and other funny stuff just can. Despite the random name LOLcat also supports many types out sense of humor chat. He says many things that an application like this could convince someone like me (I’m not much of a cat person), consider taking photos of cats captioned randomly do things for scandalous hours. Even more tantalizing is the beginning random LOLcat comfortable and you will receive a random picture of a cat. Scroll in any direction (no shake function) and get a new image. There is a zoom feature, allowing you to get to see the picture more closely, but the standard size is clearly visible. They also all funny picture that you find with others via SMS or e-mail.

    There is also a function of back button, you can review the images already seen. And the best part of random LOLcat it is also possible to display different categories. These are the current categories available: Lolcats, celebrities, Comixed, Daily Squee, Derp, Engrish, Failbook, FAIL Blog, Go Cry Emo Kid, GraphJam, LOLs historical, hot dogs, Memebase Home, News, Articles, looks totally ROFLrazzi Like, Up Next In sports and games. All these categories are just as funny.

    The only negative about this app is unable to select more than one category at a time. It would be great if you select more than one category, and they happen. The other drawback is that random LOLcat requires access to the Internet to function. Like all applications that rely exclusively listen to the online content of the fun if there is no signal or WiFi. Apart from these minor problems random LOLcat is a good time killer and you will laugh in public places. I warned you!

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  • Red Eye Remover HD Review : Works poorly

    Red Eye Remover HD Review : Works poorly

    This software works only under perfect conditions, where it ideal contrast between the red-eye and its surroundings (like your picture of the sample), which almost never happens. You can choose not to edit a field, press you want to fix red eye, and hope to find the word processor in what area. It features a selection tool.

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  • Camera360 Ultimate Review : Great replacement for Dell Streak 7 camera

    Camera360 Ultimate Review : Great replacement for Dell Streak 7 camera

    This is a picture perfect app for crap with storage (as is the case with the Dell Streak 7) to replace. It can be picky about what he works on phones yet so try the free version first. I use it since I bought my pills without problems.

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  • LifeShow Photo Player Review : great picture frame

    LifeShow Photo Player Review : great picture frame

    I bought a tablet fot Mother’day and installed this application. Now from my phone, I can stream regular droids pictures of our children and comment. I can also stream pictures to my Picasa albums digital SLR. App is used to operate over-easy photo viewer.

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  • iCooking Barbecue Review : Wouldn’t call this an app, Shockingly bad

    iCooking Barbecue Review : Wouldn't call this an app, Shockingly bad

    Originally written terrible UI, this is nothing more than a few pictures photoshopped with recipes and ingredients. At first I thought, this app does not work on all my machines, it turns out, I was not using it.

    At first you are getting with the “keys” to the recipe if you find what you are looking for, you see a picture of the dish. Now, after pushing so many buttons, I sat there, waiting to change the screen or an option to bring up, but nothing happened. I typed on the screen, wiping a little, then clicked on the menu. It seemed that the only way to navigate, select the menu, then ingriedients and directly, and then Image. Why? Why not put them on one page? As it turns out, once the image is changing the method of navigation to slide side to side to side (as noted in the comments below) Why change the status of advancement of navigation style without warning? It confuses me and many others. This is a “rookie” mistake and that would have been taken if the application is properly tested. Discover this side swyping next time you select a recipe to improve my score a bit.

    Then, apparently, this “app” has absolutely no other function or any other option but to your own recipe, which is not a function to store. Otherwise, just a short list of simple recipes. I just call them recipes, because if you arent with crickets that says nothing about the actual grilling or cooking. The temperatures, how to use charcoal vs. wood or other methods of grilling something. Information is barely enough to guess and hope it comes in the picture. The title and description means nothing else, I was expecting something on the level of a mini-iCookbook less.

    Each recipe has an ingredient list, images, and brief instructions that might as well say “ingredients put on the grill and cook.” That’s all for many of them seriously. No other content or features. There is really nothing more than photoshopped images superimposed with words, if it meets your criteria for a paid app 5 stars as well, alrighty, but to me it screams laziness or the other extreme, or is this app someones first as a test and was never really intended for sale or is unfinished.

    So with the interface bad, badly written recipes (and no, I do not think this app dev meant for experienced cooks simply do not have temperature or measures which expect another in a recipe) and the absence of any other function other than displaying text and images (so you can record your own, but why would you), not to mention the complete absence of design (which should hire a professional designer). I can not rate more than 2 apps as it is, look below Android applications to iPhone Apps.

    There is no reproach to the developer, I do not think it was fair for Amazon to put up with this action, before he / she was really ready. Check out the other 19 applications, they are all same just different cuisines. It is a good entry / app essay, but not nearly ready for prime time, when the developer gets a little more, perhaps, but now it is too early.

    Very buggy on my processor, but ok for my thunderbolt. For there is nothing more than words on the pictures I photoshopped’m surprise it has no technical difficulties. At this point, but it is bad, awful.

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