• My Photos Live Review : What a pixelated mess

    My Photos Live Review : What a pixelated mess

    Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

    Currently, I use Live Gallery, the same as my pictures are direct quotes. My photos live, but offers a larger set of functions. The ability to connect with Facebook and Flickr to see pictures of the attraction is a blessing for many people social, and it’s something that you can Live Gallery. There are a number of features and optimizations in My Photos buried alive, as transition effects, scaling, etc. It’s a really cool application that when it comes to all the ways you can configure it. It takes a little longer in the department of resources (16MB vs 12MB) and Live Gallery, which is not a big deal. Then a nail fixed in his own coffin – the images, images that look terrible. Heavy pixelation, no matter the method used to scale the image. Almost as if my pictures they live art transformed into 8bit or similar. Flip solve all creation is not available for an application that is supposed to show you beautiful pictures, it is simply unacceptable.

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  • Fireworks Review : Festive but drains battery

    Fireworks Review : Festive but drains battery

    This app is almost always over 80% of the CPU, which seems excessive even used for the bottom line. When I use other applications, it lasted only up to 0% to 0.2% of the processor. With CPU watch-dog threshold is set at 70%, triggered the alert, the Fireworks application for each interval of 10 seconds (and almost every time the threshold 80%). After 10 minutes of my phone, the temperature was very hot.

    It’s free, festive and fun, the four have, so I keep him for the day. But personally, I would not pay for it.

    The fireworks began continuously while madness, sometimes degenerate into a “final”. Touching the void areas (even between adjacent icons and widgets) on the screen guides the goals of more than fireworks. I thought it was pretty small pixelation, and looked pleasantly stylized art may be voluntary.

    There is only one setting, or disable the sound but the sound came. The app is that the permit is a full Internet access, which is surprising, why would it need this. Droid

    Thank you to Amazon for all applications for free!

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