• DejaOffice Review : Too many hours wasted with tech support

    DejaOffice Review : Too many hours wasted with tech support

    I have a longstanding relationship record (Office already has) and have been very successful at it to synchronize my BlackBerry with my ACT database. Since I started using in June swithced be an Android phone (HTC EVO) and forced Deja Office, I can not count the hours I lost the phone with technical support. I’m supposed to climb higher level technicians, and no one can seem to fix, and now they are not even return my emails and repeated phone calls. Terrible! The program is unpredictable sync, it deletes some data (I have 5000 contacts in ACT there is to know where a nightmere contacts screws), and it will not delete the other categories that I do not want the phone. I just realized that it eliminates a number of my contacts with the family of my ACT database and they are not on the phone any more. I demand my money now.

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  • Tarot Review : A pretty app, but flawed

    Tarot Review : A pretty app, but flawed

    This app is beautiful and has some nice features, but it has some problems. First of all, do not often spreads to the specific question to focus and results can be confusing. (For example, a relationship to distribute general guidelines.) But the most troublesome issue is the writing. The app was clearly written in another language and translated wrong. Oh, I was advised to uninstall the card.

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  • Rhapsody Review : Love,Hate Relationship

    Rhapsody Review : Love,Hate Relationship

    I have Rhapsody To Go for over 4 years. Catalog Great, terrible software. They always think that improvements in each release – but they really need to start over with the application and the user interface. It freezes all the time, it tries to update the device several times in one sitting, it’s a resource hog, it is basically pathetic. And it is on multiple computers – just as bad on my laptop running Windows 7 as my old XP Desktop. Perhaps it is better to connect directly from an Android device. If I could find something with a good user interface, reasonable price and a similar catalog, I release Rhapsody in a heartbeat. Someone mentioned Spotify – will check now …

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  • Dog Trainer Review : Useful information

    Dog Trainer Review : Useful information

    Since I have never owned a dog before the information in this software really useful in helping me relationship with him and establish a good relationship with my dominant dog. I think of him as a short ebook. This knowledge justifies its moderate price and length means that you tend to read and verify its contents. If you want to always learn the basics with your dog on an Android phone, this app is worth the money.

    Although the advice is useful, this app is a small, why is it that I look for an ebook. The app loads to the contents of a series of blog posts, the back button will not always give you a top or back of the device home screen, if you want to be on the table materials, the presentation is weird for individual items, and it is obviously translated from German. On a plateau, it formats more compatible with the zoom mode.

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  • Love Your Wife Review : Good app idea

    Love Your Wife Review : Good app idea

    A good idea, husbands and wives think about practical ways to get their love on a daily basis to express. Love is not a feeling, you have to work. For the person who said the soft media relations as ruins – the media not to ruin the relationship, not egocentric. The media is neither good nor bad – it’s how a person uses the media, good or bad outcomes leads.

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  • Ghost Radar Review : Creepy but fun

    Ghost Radar Review : Creepy but fun

    I must say that Ghost Radar very well maintained. It creeped me the other day when I was changing my relationship status on Facebook and when I changed from “simple” to “in a relationship,” it was true started. Nice, eh, a lot of fun for price, highly recommended.

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