RokuByte - Roku Remote Review : Fantastic--it works!

We lost our remote controls for our two Roku Roku box. We ordered new universal remote, but in the meantime, we wanted something that would work today. We found two applications installed and the other first, but they do not call on my phone or my wife (like LG and Samsung Fascinate), but it seems installed fine. We then found the free trial version of this app, and it worked immediately, no setup fee, no! Incredibly easy. It is installed on two of our phones and it took two of our devices roku immediately. We actually like it better than the original remote, because it is a “channel”, click on a screen with your roku channels listed (such as applications, with symbols), so that you can Right-click the desired channel has, without having to scroll, as on the original remote. We can also roku both devices – both found and call us, if we use the “fair” or “room” at a distance, without knowing the long “name” of the memory device. The only thing we liked best about the other application was a more effective search function, but since this application will not work for us all, it’s really not something we lack.

Overall, if you need to replace your Roku remote control, buy this.

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