• SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    I have been using Lookout Mobile Security software for a long time. I had on my Blackberry Curve 8330 and he works on my Samsung 4G Epic from day one I got. I have a separate review on both my 4G and my Epic Lookout. I recently SeekDroid free on Amazon Appstore for Android (Two-Day weekend) discovered and decided to give it up to my arsenal. I must admit, I was only by the number of favorable reviews from customers led SeekDroid impressed. I thought, must have done something good SeekDroid! It turns out that it really is!

    Now let’s see what they have to offer both candidates and our how much it was for?

    Lookout is primarily a security software. It protects your phone against viruses, malware, spyware and phishing attempts. He is always on and it works silently and efficiently in the background. It scans each application that you download to your phone and alerts you immediately recognize something harmful should. It is a peace of mind. This is how it has primary responsibility for Lookout and it’s a job well done.
    However Lookout offers some useful extras: Find My phone service and backup and restore option. Both are very convenient for some, they are indispensable. If you consider that both services are free to all customers say with their Lite version, it is fair to offer Lookout is hard to beat.
    The “Find My Phone” / option missing device gives the user two options: you must first Lookoutout in your account and from there you can connect: Locate (“Pinpoint”), the unit on a map. Lookout remotely activate the GPS on your device with the use of triangulation of cellular signals, which will improve your chances of finding your phone missing. There are also user options The Scream, which cause your phone to vibrate and the sound of a set of very strong siren. It is worth mentioning here not to his viewpoint, when I put my phone in silent mode, which challenges the very end. I keep my phone in silent mode, if it does work … Lookout, I will contact the support team and see what they answer.
    Your backup service allows each user 2 GB free disk space. You can save your contacts, photos and call history. Thumbs up! Another thing that the two functions, scanning and saving are scheduled to run automatically. This is a unique added convenience.
    The premium version includes all the above, plus: Safe Browsing option to lock the phone remotely delete data from the phone. Premium comes with a 14 day trial, after which you decide to stay and pay or on foot! The premium is $ 30 annual fee. I can not prove their Safe Browsing feature, because I have not tried. But some technical sites gave positive feedback. I think a bigger mobile before, this feature is to deserve the attention it deserves. Browsing on your mobile phone is no different browser on your computer. Hopefully Google is these concerns that their Android mobile platform becomes more mature, less fragmented.

    SeekDroid covers some areas in their Lookout let elected Lite version naked. For a single payment of $ 0.99 you receive from remote locking and scanning options. It even offers research functions of the missing device. It also offers a nice feature, “hide” the application from your smartphone is invisible SeekDroid drawers. It SeekDroid be damaged by the “bad guys” and then help you track and find your valuable phone to uninstall. Very intelligent. Note that other applications you may have installed on your device, for example, App 2 SD, or List SeekDroid.

    Before I draw any conclusions, some commentators suggested that SeekDroid.com is not guaranteed! Well, from my own experience, open to both SeekDroid Lookout and secure web pages [“https”]. Another thing I want to address here, SeekDroid clearly says “requires Android 2.2 or higher” to be fully functional. If you have not read the description did not notice before buying or app, I do not think it’s fair to underestimate the soft or trying to put the blame on the developer. The window for 15 minutes again on Google be liable, not all developers.

    The Bottom Line:

    Both applications are essential. They complement each other competition, instead of against each other, is that in the eyes of the prospect of a client. For those of us who fly economy class, I recommend a combination of SeekDroid Lookout & Lite (with what your phone lock screen offers). However, if you can afford first class, then it goes đŸ˜‰

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  • Battery Indicator Blue Swirl Review : Nope….Battery Indicator Blue Swirl …….

    Battery Indicator Blue Swirl Review : Nope....Battery Indicator Blue Swirl .......

    Hi, I bought and downloaded the application last night. could not open while today. I tried to reload, but the program does not run on my Samsung 4G Epic ..

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  • Adobe AIR Review : Best thing to ever happen to mobile computing.

    Adobe AIR Review : Best thing to ever happen to mobile computing.

    What company in their right mind wants to pay several times to have developed their applications on multiple platforms native. If they write their sin / Flash Flex and once they run on all platforms. You can work with Adobe to understand all the differences between the platforms. If you want multiple platforms native properly, you might want to expert developers working on each platform, so we have different developer for each platform, such as Web, IOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, and Mac Windows operating systems, to name a few at. call
    A well-written application flash is as good as any native application. And a shit written native app is as bad as all flash app written shit

    Flash and AIR on my Evo and Samsung 4G Galaxy TAB great, but it seems a bit slow on my Xoom, but better with an update bad. I hope Adobe will eventually fix completely inertia.

    I am a developer for many years on many different platforms and IDE Flex / Flash with other Adobe products that came with the CS5.5 Suites the best set of tools I never used to develop applications I was and the creation of images, advertisements, manuals, etc. ..

    Before becoming a bad review you read the description it says, the phones are not compatible at the moment!

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  • Wave Launcher Review : Easy to use

    Wave Launcher Review : Easy to use

    I like the fact that I used my last App Store. No matter what Im doin can I paint without pg home page and run it. Works great on my Samsung 4G Galaxy

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  • CamScanner License Review : One of Android’s BEST apps but beware!!

    CamScanner License Review : One of Android's BEST apps but beware!!

    I’m the kind of person who likes the idea of ​​scanning email barbecue recipes, and articles from magazines for digital retrieval and organization. I even went so far as to buy a top of the line Scansnap 1500 (highly recommended) scanner to help me with it. You can be my surprise when I tell you that in very few occasions, this software is $ 2 (for sale) more useful than my $ 400 mega-scanner! The quality is as good as your phone / tablet of the camera and the design is very well thought out advice out.One other commentators have been extremely helpful to download the free version of the Android Marketplace and earn the license as the Amazon This version is younger and will most likely continue to be updated more. If you plan to buy an app, you mean the way they get to the place that ‘care’ out. AMAZON must improve if they want business people! I use this on a Samsung 4G Epic.

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  • Opera Mobile Web Browser Review : The Best There is

    Opera Mobile Web Browser Review : The Best There is

    After trying the primary browser on my Samsung 4G Froyo Galaxy, Dolphin, and Opera wins hands down Opera. Many runners (9 or 10) speed “dial” faves, double zoom, which is customizable, no dots, or pixels, selecting text to copy and paste is easy and accurate, and many applications that are very good that water line work in my recipe book and copy the rss to “share” menu. I think, Read It Later is too.Downloads on the action menu are easy to select the folder on the SD card. Opera is actively working with its applications and updates are often available.Love PC version too!

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  • Gun Bros Review : Could be better

    Gun Bros Review : Could be better

    This game also works on the Samsung 4G Galaxy, but the power does, and refuses to start on my Asus transformer. Cliq works well on my second wife I could not work from the refineries, and there is no way I pay real money to buy counterfeit currency to enter a game.

    Overall, the graphics are quite good. So it is hardly slow.

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  • Guitar Hero 5 Review : Not worth $7.99. Not worth $0.50.

    Guitar Hero 5 Review : Not worth $7.99. Not worth $0.50.

    No correlation between time of knowledge and taps song. Not everyone has the feeling of the real Guitar Hero games. Ideal for a 3 year old, but I expect more than $ 7.99. I expect more Activision. \ N \ n (played by Epic Samsung 4G)

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  • Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download Only) Review : LOST SAVES TWICE !!!

    Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download Only) Review : LOST SAVES TWICE !!!

    game data stored now lost twice (Epic Samsung 4G). One was lost on the first adventure was the second lost on the second adventure. stored has to lose and still sucks!

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  • FlightTrack Review : On to the good stuff

    FlightTrack Review : On to the good stuff

    Hands down, the best monitoring program for flight I’ve ever seen. I see where the plane at a certain point on a map and receive alerts about delays, etc. Also, my wife is a flight attendant and this app will allow us, our schedules just keep going so we can stay in contact when away for a few days globetrotter.

    There are cheaper and even free that claim to do, and then I can not get to the “cheaper” those who speak, I can say that this app crashed out. It is much more accurate, faster updates, etc.

    Finally, the vendor / developer (Mobiata) react very quickly if you have received this e-mail. Some developers may take days to respond, if they ever do. So it’s refreshing.

    As for equipment, I can say this app works on the Samsung 4G Epic and color with Nook CM7.

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  • Camera Advance Review : Good app, needs improvement

    Camera Advance Review : Good app, needs improvement

    Many selection of adaptations. Many more options for storing the device app works great with Samsung 4G Galaxy. The picture quality is amazing, even with a 4x zoom and low resolution. Would support more panoramic pictures well.

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  • US Newspapers Review : great app for info of other newspapers

    US Newspapers Review : great app for info of other newspapers

    Work in Samsung 4G Epic and also works with a wide wifi, nice to have local newspapers on an application, Google and Yahoo News. a lot of use during the football season and basketball.
    initial review

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  • Etch n Sketch Review : Horrible

    Etch n Sketch Review : Horrible

    Just kept vibrating and will not let me even draw at all! Samsung 4G Epic. . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Graphicly Comics Review : Good Start! Still buggy.

    Graphicly Comics Review : Good Start! Still buggy.

    Love the design of it, nice and smooth as a desktop-app. All charges very quickly, including the cover art They are not as much time in loading or saving information to a particular series.

    At the first opening, there is a warning about the best work with WiFi, which is good, but then it should not automatically try to sync, until I the chance to spend on WiFi. But timing is amazingly real quick.

    With my recently viewed, I was a couple of “off-sync” to choose if there is no intuitive way to know that, through trial and error. Just managed to load some. But that’s where the problems started. I could not load all I downloaded, it will freeze and force me off every single time. And then try something in my library that are not caused on the list of recent strength has also been charged closed. So I can not say how the viewing / reading experience with the mobile application.

    But I believe in love and their graphical desktop application, so I expect great improvements / bug fixes in the next update.

    I’m on a Samsung 4G FroYo with Epic.

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