• What’s the song? QUIZ Review : Enjoyed app BUT

    What's the song? QUIZ Review : Enjoyed app BUT

    I love music and this app has a wide variety. Only two things I wish it would be a little harder to find more music clips, and two clips are about five to play and then nothing. There was no way to update it to reload the clip, I would just blind. To do this, and this app would be great!

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  • Shazam Review : no better than Soundhound

    Shazam Review : no better than Soundhound

    I bought the paid version of SoundHound for $ 1.99. Although SoundHound is a very nice application, there were some cases where it does not recognize a song, so I try the free version of Shazam, whether it would be an interesting alternative would be decided. Unfortunately, I found that Shazam not take the same songs, SoundHound was not detected. Shazam is a free unlimited marking the end of 2011, so I’ll keep it now. Once the offer expires, it will be uninstalled. If Shazam offer their paid version at $ 1.99, I jumped on it but the software is certainly not worth $ 4.99, if it does not do a better job than SoundHound.

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  • Amazon MP3 Review : Locks up my atrix!

    Amazon MP3 Review : Locks up my atrix!

    Once you have downloaded more than 5 GB of music on a cloud rhe, I was eager to use the soft droid, but after the first song he plays completely blocks the player useless, when I restart the phone. This is a huge effort and I hope it is fixed in the next update.

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  • SoundHound Infinity Review : Doesn’t seem to like hip-hop/rap

    SoundHound Infinity Review : Doesn't seem to like hip-hop/rap

    I had great luck with this app, but only if the song is not a heavy bass line. A rap song was played during the credits of a film that I find what it wanted. Five or six times I tried to use SoundHound, but every time he could not the song. Fortunately for me, the loans had the title of the song. When I searched for the title of the song, it was registered. Whenever I have this song on the non-rap, it worked spectacularly used. I’m addicted to the application, and that even if I know a song I want to know what words I use this app. I did not try again at a concert, but also in sports bars did well.

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  • Ringtone Maker Review : Awesome!

    Ringtone Maker Review : Awesome!

    This is by far the best app I have not downloaded. He says what it does, and it does great. It is easy to use and best of all, you can create and edit any sound file to your ring and each song exactly the tone you want!

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  • SoundHound Review : works good

    SoundHound Review : works good

    I have this soft one or two times. If u know music like me then u probably wont need. All u need to do is type three words to a song in google and u got your answer.

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  • Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Review : I never do reviews

    Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Review : I never do reviews

    But it deserves App. This app is amazing! I love that I wake up to music, whether by chance a song or songs! Since the birth of a child, my husband and I stopped using a traditional alarm clock, and started with this extremely soft alarm! just great!

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  • Guitar Hero 5 Review : Disapppointed

    Guitar Hero 5 Review : Disapppointed

    Their voices are in the song, if you do not download the first song. Also, you do not even have the whole song. You must play with only three buttons. The graphics are below average. You can not lose, even if you miss all the “note” in the song. Sensible person would be $ 7. 99 for it. Even if it is free now, I still do not feel like it.

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  • Shazam Review : Shazam & Soundhound : Face Off / Updated

    Shazam Review : Shazam & Soundhound : Face Off / Updated

    I just started using this app a few minutes ago and I must say, it’s amazing! I mean, you click on it to open it, look at the tab symbol Shazam & the magic: he listens to the music source, identified a few seconds, and “tags” of the song for you! They take their name, the text (for download), YouTube vids, Facebook and Twitter stock options (and more), you can also buy songs on Amazon MP3 … Have you ever been in a situation where you just heard a song on a radio as you want but can not find it because you do not know his name (and sometimes worse) than the song? Well wonder no more, just Shazam!

    Update # 1: I was happy with the free version of Shazam, but unfortunately for me, I have a monthly limit marking :-( I have reached only 5 tagged songs that I paid for a upgrade of the mind “! Full Version” A quick search. full version of Shazam on the Android Market was $ 4.83 against $ 4.99 on the AppStore for Android Amazon Now I know only a few hundred more or less, but something to learn more now .. I’ll try for another application, which offers a service very similar, just SoundHound. There is also a pay & free flavors. Digging in addition to music – )

    Update # 2: I downloaded and successfully installed the free version of SoundHound. Although both applications offer very similar capabilities, provides SoundHound UNLIMITED “Taps.” Well, that’s a big advantage over Shazam. In addition, billed as being able to identify a song, sing it as the user. I’ve tried, but the results were far away. Maybe I’m not the best performer, otherwise I would have made American Idol! Nevertheless, the mixed results in this case waited long enough. Another thing I object too happy SoundHound, Shazam is “Similar Artists” so that you discover more music that may very well rhyme with your taste in music helps. As for the interface, I thought that Shazam has a clean, attractive, for he had the user interface. But it is a matter of personal taste. For now, I’ll stick with my music SoundHound the secret code of your choice. But if I’m going to buy one of the two, it will be Shazam.

    Bottom Line: Whether or SoundHound Shazam, both solid, are robust applications provide features one-on-one. However, there is a question of whether you buy the premium version of either. If not, then SoundHound is your best bet, as it now offers unlimited tabs vs Shazam, which is a 5 offers a meager MONTH! Long as 5 per month is what you want? However, I loved Shazam UI better, so if I’m in one way or another to buy, it will be Shazam. Your life, your choice 😉

    Update (04/28/2011)

    Shazam has only now run an update marking unlimited songs and a few other “social” can, with the characteristics of the usual bug fixes. Now with this little information to offer both free versions of Shazam & SoundHound unlimited marking / tap. Is still your choice :-)

    Update (08/20/2011)

    After using two applications for aa few months now, I must admit, they are neck and neck! It is difficult to give a KO winner announced without the inclusion of a number of personal preferences. SoundHound but “a little easier to show some rational prejudices. SoundHound” able to move their applications, 2 SD. The store is 3.1 MB in spending! If you think perhaps with Shazam, a similar movement, she replied: “It is not intended to allow the transfer of the Shazam application on an SD card, we investigate the possibility, but it leads to problems with the application .. “Well, I really hope the team Shazam will one day find a way to overcome these” problems ” Until then, I’m sticking with SoundHound “.

    Epic Samsung 4G Android 2.2 (Froyo)

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  • The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo Review : Not what I expected…

    The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo Review : Not what I expected...

    After reading the first five-star rave review and check the images for the app, I decided to download this app for my children. My wife and I O’boy preview and boy, what a disappointment! Do not be fooled the second period for the application, the last two, what you get. The app is just a story set in a very poorly done hunting. It’s not fun. The narrator has a beautiful voice, but I expected the second picture … depicts an annotated book for children. We decided to leave my children (8, 5, and 2) to see and hear it anyway. After about a minute, my oldest asked if there was something more, my second was not even notice. That’s all I needed to know.

    Great story, but very flawed, marketing … this is not a children’s book recounts.

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  • SoundHound Review : Love love love this!!

    SoundHound Review : Love love love this!!

    This, as far as I’m concerned, the Best App Ever! I am terribly memorable songs and artist names, and so for me there’s nothing cooler than hearing a great song on the radio and with just a few buttons on my phone, I know the title, artist , and the words! It’s almost like magic … I love it! Incredible2

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  • Sporcle Review : it's fun and a challenge

    Sporcle Review : it's fun and a challenge

    Congratulations to the officials. I had a lot of fun with this. It was frustrating me, because I know the answer, but it still escapes me. I like the sitcom theme song quiz!

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  • The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo Review : A beautiful telling of the story wrapped in a game my 3 year old can use and enjoy

    The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo Review : A beautiful telling of the story wrapped in a game my 3 year old can use and enjoy

    I like Rudyard Kipling, I have high expectations for a game or video with one of them. This soft nailed the story perfectly. The narrator has a good job with the accents and voices for the characters. Get control of the game is very simple, because the movements are possible in young children, but there it ends up as simple enough for my 3 year old to return immediately to their advantage. The visuals were so interesting for him to attention, but not distract from the story that was really wonderful.
    I wish I had a pause button, but I suspect that will come in an updated app.

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  • SoundHound Review : Better

    SoundHound Review : Better

    I found it works better than Shazam. I like the original album the song came, instead of what shows to buy now. Shazam does not work.

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  • Guitar Hero 5 Review : Terrible

    Guitar Hero 5 Review : Terrible

    This game is a total disgrace to the franchise Guitar Hero. The graphics are incredibly ugly, the song selection is pathetic, and the difficulty, even the experts, is to induce sleep. Application completely useless, especially at a price of $ 8.00 incredulous. Worth about $ 0.50, if it is not free.

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  • Guitar Hero 5 Review : Not worth $7.99. Not worth $0.50.

    Guitar Hero 5 Review : Not worth $7.99. Not worth $0.50.

    No correlation between time of knowledge and taps song. Not everyone has the feeling of the real Guitar Hero games. Ideal for a 3 year old, but I expect more than $ 7.99. I expect more Activision. \ N \ n (played by Epic Samsung 4G)

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  • Guitar Hero 5 Review : Cleary a version for the handicap.

    Guitar Hero 5 Review : Cleary a version for the handicap.

    I do not see what all gets so excited. This is clearly a version for the physically and mentally. I like the fact that if you miss it notes, has no influence on the song, and it requires no skill to remove. The short songs keep those wandering attention. Thank you to the developers for thinking of those who are not arms or a full mental capacity. Six stars if possible.

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  • LyricWiki lyrics Review : Great

    LyricWiki lyrics Review : Great

    Tried other applications lyrical, they are terrible, never find the song I was looking for. This app is excellent, fast and right on the money! A + +

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  • Gentle Alarm Review : Favorite App

    Gentle Alarm Review : Favorite App

    This is by far my favorite application. I feel more awake, shrill in the morning. Regardless, it starts me in a bad mood. I tried to put my alarm for the song as smooth as possible, but I am a fairly light sleeper and no matter what he has always felt like a slap in the face to wake up. Found this app and it is love. I chose a song that I wake up and start with the volume set at 5% and get a bonus of 5% every 30 seconds. Now I really wake you up gently and it is a beautiful thing! It’s like I heard the song in the background of my consciousness when I was still asleep, it fits somehow get into my dreams, and then slowly pulling me sleep. Yes, there is only one application alarm, but it changed my life.

    BTW, the song I use at night has never heard of The Cat Empire, two albums shoes end. It starts really soft for the first couple of minutes, then comes a lot faster with the horns. I always wake up during the soft part but I think it would be good for heavy sleepers, because the later to increase the tempo. Check it out on youtube:)

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  • Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner for Android Review : AMAZEBALLS

    Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner for Android Review : AMAZEBALLS

    I love this song. I tried so many new dishes to fantastic results!

    This is so perfect when I look at food in bed or while shopping and ask that I check the recipe again to make sure I have all the parts included. It also has a popular registry, where all the recipes you really feel like cooking and sleeps again.

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