Victory Day Review : Fun game with some control issues

It’s a game quite fun to play. It reminds me of Double Dragon on NES. You are a Russian soldier in a game-scrolling action takes place during World War II. You must fight and defeat the Nazi soldiers to achieve your goal. You start the game poorly equipped (as with the real Russian soldiers during the Second World War). From there you will find a handgun, machine guns and other weapons to fight the Nazi aggressors. All in all a very fun game with sharp graphics that distinguish it ahead of most other games Android.

However, there are some problems with control that make the game frustrating to play. The biggest problem I have is that “stick” the keys from time to time. Use the directional control buttons that makes your character on one side of the screen or the other, do not run a big deal. However, if the fire button stuck fast you empty your ammo. Dreams there is no ammunition lying around a lot, so you must be careful with him. If the button sticks, and you are all the waste leaving you with nothing but a hammer and your mind. This is extremely frustrating.

Apart from that, it’s a very good game and I would like someone who had the patience and like a hammer is recommended.

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