• StudyDroid Free Review : Good memorization tool, especially for free

    StudyDroid Free Review : Good memorization tool, especially for free

    Helped me study for a test any time. Given publish content for my employees as part of their training, such as using in order:-The ability type, content on the site – much faster than doing it from my phone in the soft option to add the application, if necessary, simple system so that you spend time with the contents of the application is not content sharing option for the study of many useful lists-Private/public your content at any time, as FreeDon’t-Slightly web interface for entering content has changed awkward requires some practice to master a synchronized way: edit maps in app not edit your content already published on the website

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  • HDWallpaper Review : What update?

    HDWallpaper Review : What update?

    Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

    It’s quite annoying to open this application and have an update for it, I can download that intercepted, especially if said update is not installed. In addition, the application itself is not as clean in appearance than others of its kind. Although it looks and acts like a simple web interface, it is quick at around less. There are not many categories to choose from, but it is one of the stock market. This does not appear in the application update that bothers me, but it might allow. Nifty functions to do the job is a page break, the hottest downloads, and a random selection. HDWallpaper seems to be much smaller than most of the repository, which at the time of writing this article about a total of 4500 pictures. 10 images per page and displays the number of pages varies depending on the category. At the end of the day HDWallpaper is not a soft bad, and I could see the appearance, if it had better content.

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  • Mobile Queue – Ad Version Review : Prefect

    Mobile Queue - Ad Version Review : Prefect

    This app is excellent and works perfectly! It ismuch faster than the Web interface and a very. If only there would be a better option for research.

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  • Theft Aware 2.0 Trial Review : EVERYONE should have this app!! Awesome!

    Theft Aware 2.0 Trial Review : EVERYONE should have this app!! Awesome!

    Everyone should have this app. Losing your mobile phone, a smartphone, especially with so much personal information on them is a nightmare.

    I downloaded this application due to the great review on androidpolice and recommendation of a friend. It acts quickly and uses almost no battery when no commands are issued, and has features that competitors do not:
    -100% Invisible on the phone
    SMS / call-Forwards information from your lost phone
    – Install it still works when a thief hard resets the phone when you install it with root privileges. That’s perfect.
    – Good – and it works reliably. We know that for all standard applications

    The lack of web interface on the phone with a browser control is being tested and will soon be available.

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